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Monday, February 07, 2005

OK, so the Super Bowl wasn't ugly as this sportswriter predicted. Still, the Patriots were clearly the superior team. If not for Tom Brady's unforced turnover in the first half and the holding penalty on the punt return in the second half, then the margin might have been greater. And what if Terrell Owens had decided not to play?

As for the pre-game hype, I thought they'd brought everybody out when I saw Michael Douglas on the field with a microphone in his hand. Then, I see Clinton and Bush Sr. marching across the field, practically hand-in-hand. By this point, I'm wondering who's going to flip the coin. Perhaps Reagan really isn't dead, I thought to myself. Either that, or President Bush was about to land on the field to do the honors. Neither happened, much to my disappointment.

For me, the most interesting appearance was by Michael Chiklis, star of the Fox series The Shield. Earlier in the day, my neighbors were up we were talking about movies. I mentioned the Carolina Film and Video Festival at UNCG, which, if you haven't checked it out, is pretty cool. One year the festival screened Last Request, a short film in which Chiklis co-stars as a guy about to get whacked, but not before he has to dig his own grave.

Then, lo and behold, there Chiklis is, introducing the Patriots. Funny how who you don't think about someone for weeks or months, then they make multiple appearances in your consciousness.


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