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Friday, March 18, 2005

The Kansas City Star's Jason Whitlock saw nothing positive in yesterday's congressional hearings on steroids in baseball.

Whitlock is critical of just about everybody, including the parents of the kids who committed suicide after using steroids:

"Every family rocked by suicide should have a day when the coutry's most powerful leaders stop what they're doing and blame millionaire entertainers for a tragedy that is often so complex that it is impossible to explain."

But he doesn't spare Mark McGwire, either:

"McGwire refused to address his alleged steroid use. After a tearful opening statement, Big Mac answered flippantly and foolishly. He refused to talk about his past. He claimed he'd like to be an anti-steroid spokesman, but there was little substance to the message he said he'd give to kids.

"McGwire looked old. Just 41, McGwire's goatee was gray, he wore reading glasses, his hairline was receding, and he appeared to be at least 40 pounds lighter than his magical 70-home-run season."

Conspiracy theory: The reading glasses were dummies.


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