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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

More steroids:

NY Times article on Mark McGwire's legacy under the cloud of steroids in baseball:

"Of the seven current and former players subpoenaed to testify before the House Committee on Government Reform on Thursday, McGwire is easily the most recognizable and arguably the most vulnerable. Even though he retired three years ago, his legacy is still in play."

McGwire's former manager, Tony LaRussa, continues to defend him:

"I saw a guy for years and years have that fierce dedication and devotion to working and improving. That's why I'm so positive when I talk about Mark."

But Dr. Benjamin Leder, who completed a study on McGwire's known drug of choice, androstenedione, doubts that McGwire's power came from andro alone:

"I'm not surprised to hear McGwire linked with steroids. As someone who has no knowledge of about what these people do, but has watched them get bigger, it seemed unlikely that all of that growth was due to training or even to androstenedione."

Is Roger Maris rolling in his grave? Or, like a good North Dakotan, is he just not that worked up about it ?


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