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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

School superintendent Terry Grier is taking more heat from citizens over his plan to shuffle $1 million in federal money from Dudley, Smith, Andrews and Central.

Jeff Peeler of High Point pulls no punches:

"To allow these schools to continue to receive federal funds requires Dr. Grier to be held responsible for his failures as a superintendent; he will not allow that to happen."

But what many of the critics haven't pointed out, and what the N&R has dutifully reported is two of the principals, Sam Misher of Smith and Phyllis Martin of Dudley, have said they would rather not have federal funding than be held accountable by NCLB.

Grier is responsible for taking for taking many different points of view into account. This is the interesting part: At two high schools, he has the principals speaking out, yet the parents are quiet; at two other high schools, the parents are speaking out but the principals are quiet. It would be nice if everyone would speak up.

Mind you, I'm basing this on media accounts I've read. If someone knows something different, don't let me stay in the dark.


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