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Saturday, March 26, 2005

So I went to visit my mother this weekend. When I arrived, I gave her a hug and headed for the bathroom. As I'm relieving myself, I looked up and there it was, something my mother's been talking about for 20 years. Mounted above the counter was a brand-new, 20-inch TV set, complete with expanded cable.

Now I finally had a legitimate excuse to sneak off and check in on ESPN Classic. Today they had a SportsCentury classic profile of Bill Walton, perhaps the greatest college basketball player of all time whose professional career never lived up to tis potential due to injuries.

Of course, the story touched on Walton's radical politics while at UCLA and during his early years with the Trail Blazers. But I was struck how quickly Walton went corporate, wearing a three-piece suits and doing a swan song with the Celtics, the corporate symbol of the NBA at one time. John Wooden eventually won out over the hippies.

By the way, I didn't watch the whole thing in the bathroom.


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