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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Education follies in Mecklenburg County, via Cone, via N&R editor John Robinson.

I go to Charlotte quite frequently, and it's fun to listen my father-in-law's views on the Mecklenburg school board. And he doesn't even have a child in the system. He should become Guilford County's version of Joe Stafford, the old guy who sits through every Guilford County school board meeting in its entirety. And nobody knows why.

Interesting comment from N&R education reporter Bruce Buchanan on Robinson's blog. Buchanan said that while he was covering the Cleveland County school board, interviews for a new superintendent were held in public instead of closed session. That reminded me of the time when superintendent Terry Grier said one time that superintendents' evaluations were held in public at his former school system in Tennessee.

Grier's remarks were made in the lobby during his evalaution, which took about 12 hours over two sessions. It was excruciating to cover, though thank God I didn't stay until 1 am during the first session in High Point. Then the board comes out with this bland two-page statement that doesn't really say anything, except that they're not giving him a raise. I think the board owes it to the public to express their concerns about the superintendent's performance in public.

Speaking of our school board, I watched the last meeting on TV for a while yesterday as the board struggled with the budget. It apparently was very late, and everyone looked tired, especially chairman Alan Duncan. There were four people in the audience: the reporters from the N&R and the HPE, Joe Stafford and Rhino publisher John Hammer, covering the beat himself.


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