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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Nanny 911, Supernanny.....Nannies are hot. No, not in that sense, although I could picture Jo Frost in a Playboy spread.

Here's an interesting article where nannies share some of their woking with mommies.

Christy Ochs, a mother and grandmother who has worked as a nanny for five years, said her first job "was with a woman who clearly loved her kids, but she would sit in her jammies most of the day and read the paper. Once she asked me to drive her to get coffee because she didn't want to get dressed."

Debra Dorris, an 18-year veteran, "recalls one job in which she showed up for the interview and without a word the mother handed her a 6-week-old baby and his 16-month-old brother.

"'You're hired,' the woman said. She then turned and walked out of the room."


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