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Friday, April 29, 2005

The N&R's Doug Clark thinks President Bush handled himself "very well" during last night's press conference. I also thought he handled himself well, though I admit he does come off as a bit condescending at times. But how are you supposed to act when standing in a room full of people who don't like you and wish you would go away?

Bush got feisty toward the end, when a reporter asked about the National Education Association's lawsuit against the federal government for failing to fully fund the No Child Left Behind Act.

Again, I'm somewhat sympathetic because I have witnessed our local school board struggling with NCLB mandates. But by the same token, the federal government issues unfunded federal mandates all the time.

Note the quote from Candace Donoho, director of government relations for the Maryland Municipal League, who said that federal regulation can be "hugely expensive" for local governments. The most expensive regulations? Those handed down by the Department of Homeland Security guessed it.....the Environmental Protection Agency.

Now, I don't hear too many complaints when environmental regulations are handed down without funding to support them. Local governments and/or businesses are supposed to find the money themselves. And perhaps they should, considering the greater good such federal mandates are promoting. But can the same thing not be said about educating our children?


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