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Friday, April 01, 2005

Once again, Lance Armstrong is accused of using performance enhancing drugs..

This time, it's part of Armstrong's legal fight against Mike Anderson, an Austin bike mechanic who buddies up with Armstrong and eventually becomes his personal assistant, performing duties ranging from "building bike trails on Armstrong's Hill Country property to doing his grocery shopping in Spain."

Anderson had a key to Armstrong's apartment in Girona, was "cleaning the bathroom in early 2004" when he found a bottle of andro. He kept quiet about it until he and Armstrong started suing each other. Armstrong actually sued Anderson first, saying Anderson demanded $500,000, a signed Tour de France jersey and future endorsements to set up his own bike shop.

So basically, it sounds like one of Armstrong's flunkies is using steroids as a means to get some cash. Perhaps he and his lawyers think throwing performance enhancing drugs out there will draw a quick settlement.

Armstrong has said repeatedly that he is randomly tested for drugs. Most importatant to him is his reputation, and he says he will continue to fight all allegations of doping. Anderson has also admitted he never saw Armstrong take banned substances.

But something bothers me. Anderson also said he and Armstrong had a conversation about cyclists doping, and Armstrong told him, "Everyone does it."

But Armstrong's attorney Hal Gillespie

"said that conversation took place before anderson allegedly found the steroid."

Note that Gillespie does not deny the conversation took place. Is that not a bit strange?


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