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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Some days, there's just nothing in the paper, and other days there's just too much.........

I'm glad to see many of the N&R's readers are quickly seeing through a state house bill championed by Earl Jones that would require companies seeking state contracts to determine whether they profited from slave trade.

Once again, I'll ask the same question I've asked twice already: What is the value of a piece of property with environmental obstacles that prevent development that is across the street from a mall that is considering housing a public school?

The question is, why would Oak Hollow consider such an arrangement? My guess is it has the space. That's not good.

Meanwhile, PART needs a truckload of money.

Coincidentally, the Reason Public Policy Institute's blog, Out of Control, posted excerpts from a (PDF) article by the Journal of the American Planning Association:

"For 9 out of 10 rail projects, passenger forecasts are overestimated; the average overestimation is 106%......We speculate further that rail patronage will be overestimated and road traffic underestimated in instances where there is a strong political or ideological desire to see passengers shifted from road to rail, for instance for reasons of congestion or protection of the environment."

With this in mind, we'll return to the N&R article, where Mayor Keith Holliday "asked PART to increase public awareness about the benefits of a rail system in an effort to thwart criticism he said is already developing.

"'I would just urge you to put together some sort of counterattack,' he said."

What am I missing here? Amtrak hasn't made money, ever, yet we need rail service here in the Triad?


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