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Thursday, April 07, 2005

The squabbling in our county government never ends.

If my memory serves me right, there were also property valuation issues at this time last year involving tax director Jenks Crayton. But they didn't revolve around the county commissioners; they revolved around ordinary citizens who were angry about the inflated tax value of their properties. One of my neighbors sent around a petition protesting the assessments. I personally was pleased with mine, so I felt as though I couldn't sign in good conscience.

I remember the meeting when then-commissioner Mary Rakestraw (a Republican, mind you) called Crayton to the podium and informed him that she had been deluged with messages from her constituents protesting their assessments. While she was speaking, Crayton starting grinning.

"Have I said something funny, Mr. Crayton?" Rakestraw asked him. Crayton wiped the smile off his face and informed Rakestraw that any citizen had the right to challenge their property assessment.

With regard to commissioner Steve Arnold's property, I have one question: Just what is the value of an abandoned boys' camp with environmental issues that prohibit development?


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