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Monday, May 23, 2005

The N&R supports state House and Senate bills that would establish a global warming climate change commission, evidence the General Assembly is "wisely looking ahead at ways to anticipate, address and perhaps circumvent the most environmental impacts here in North Carolina."

The N&R is basing its support on the view of Duke University professor William Schlensinger, who believes "we have about a 20 year-window to make a significant impact. We are going to see some warming no matter what."

I'd say we're off to a damn good start without global warming/climate change commission. Duke Power is about to begin what the N&R called "one of the most costly pollution-cutting projects in Triad history."

Construction of scrubbers and selective catalytic converters will reduce nitrus oxide, sulfur dioxide and mercury from the air. The $500 million project is a major step toward reducing air pollution even more in North Carolina. It's the result of the Clean Smokestacks Act, which, in my mind, says that our state legislature is already effectivelty dealing with the problem. Why, then, is a 30-member commission needed to further deal with it?

That's right: In 20 years, the air will be so clean that the danger of global warming will be even greater.


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