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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm doing an article on a possible trend toward school system deconsolidation in North Carolina. Mecklenburg County is leading the way. Here are a couple of primers on the movement in Mecklenburg, including the rejected legislative bill that would allow for a countywide referendum.

Here's the question: While Guilford's school system is not growing at the rapid rate of Mecklenburg's, it's growing nevertheless. At 650 square miles, it's already a large school system geographically, a point school board members have brought up many times. How long will it take for deconsolidation to become part of the debate in Guilford, considering the fact that county and city schools merged a mere decade ago?

Deconsolidation would wrangle control of the schools from our bureaucracy-riddled administration and school board, which means they'd probably fight it all the way.

The N&R weighed in on the subject back in March.


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