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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Today I was moved to the infamous Myrtle Beach truck. I can always hear the pick-off yelling "Heavy flow Myrtle Beach!"

It's a two-man truck, and my new partner wasn't real happy with his previous partners. The last one was a girl with a few years experience. But the heat got to her the other day, and she wasn't much help on the load. for some reason she thought chocolate milk would make her feel better. Instead, she barfed all over the trailer floor.

"I think you and Sam will make a good team, because he has the most positive attitude of anyone on the belt," my supervisor said.

Me? A positive attitude? I had no idea. So, in honor of this new outlook on life, unearthed by a fellow human being, I'll skip the pee-yew post I was going to make about the essay on new fatherhood in today's Go Triad.


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