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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

.......Will Roger Maris ever rest in peace? His legacy as the single-season home-run king was dogged for years by the famous asterisk. Now, he has to play second fiddle to (alleged) steroid users Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.

But here's one stain on Maris' legacy that can be finally put to rest:

"The family of former home run king Roger Maris and Anheuser-Busch settled a defamation lawsuit stemming from the brewer's termination of the family's beer distributorship.....

"The legal fight between Anheuser Busch and the Maris family had consumed eight years, three trials and millions of dollars in legal fees. The company had given Roger Maris and his brother, Rudy, the distributorship after the slugger ended his career in 1968 with the St. Louis Cardinals.....

"Maris' relatives accused the brewer of defamation after company officials said the family's distributorship was deficient and and sold repackaged, out-of-date beer. The family claimed in court that St. Louis-based Anheuser Busch plotted to destroy their reputation as part of a larger scheme to seize the best-performing distributors for Busch family relatives and friends."

Maris attorney Willie Gary:

"This whole ball of wax is settled. Both parties are going their separate ways."

I'll toast Roger Maris this weekend. But with an Ice House.


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