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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

.....The N&R's Rob Daniels is a good beat writer, but I'm not a huge fan of his weekly sports column, especially when I have to read this:

"The same cannot be said for some of the Harris Interactive group, which, at 114 members, is about as large as the sample size for surveys involving issue of social and politcal import. Their final votes which contribute one-third of the formula determining the BCS title-game competitors, will be made public."

Come again? I'm only on half a cup of coffee.

Daniels is talking abouth the polling group put together by Harris Interactive Media that, along with computerized rankings and the USA Today Coaches poll, will formulate the BCS standings for this college football season. The credibility of the Harris group was an issue as it was being put together, and Daniels is right to question that credibility.

The complete list is available here. Some of the more notable names: Terry Bradshaw (like Brentson Buckner, isn't he prepping for the NFL on Saturdays?), Earle Bruce, Bill Dooley, Lou Holtz, Rocket Ismail, Dick Sheridan, Boomer Esiason, Pat Haden, Mike McGee, Craig Morton, Anthony Munoz.

Is this group any more credible than the Associated Press poll? That's a tough question. The only thing I know is this setup is just a different version of the same thing. As a result, it's possible we won't have a clear-cut national champion at the end of the season.


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