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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

.....The N&R's Doug Clark takes a shot at his former boss, the late, not-so-great Randall Terry.

Clark's best Terry tale:

"At a company picnic employees were allowed to choose two meets from among a hot dog, hamburger ans chicken. Terry went down the line collecting his hot dog and hamburger, then asked for a piece of chicken. A teenaged server, who obviously had no idea who he was, explained that she wasn't allowed to grant his request. 'Give it to me,' he barked at the startled girl. 'I paid for this damn picnic.'"

Little wonder the poor girl had no idea who Terry was; he didn't dress like a rich man. Like Clark, I was a High Point Enterprise employee for two years and had only brief encounters with Terry. One I remember was when a water main broke at the Enterpise offices, flooding the building. Employees were hurriedly evacuated, and Triad Business News was bascially shut down for the day.

After a while, I absolutely had to go back to retrieve my briefcase. I walked in, and workers were everywhere trying to dy out the place. The first person I encountered was this old guy dressed in a cheap, striped golf shirt and brown polyester slacks. The crew foreman, I thought to myself. Nope. Terry himself, overseeing the operation.

Then there's this observation from a fellow newspaper owner during an interview for TBN. He was Terry's fraternity brother at Duke.

"I here he's even stranger than he was at Duke. And he was pretty strange then."


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