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Friday, August 19, 2005

Interesting lunch at Chick Fil-A today.

First of all, I'm sitting there eating my lunch when none other than Truett Cathy walks in. No big deal. He stood in line just like everybody else, paid for his lunch, sat by himself and ate it, tossed his tray and left.

Then a young girl got into a febder-bender in the parking lot. I watched the whole thing unfold. At one point she was balling (oops, I think the word is bawling), and people were trying to console her and find the owner of the damaged car.

It probably was her first wreck. I remember watching the aftermath of another wreck involving a young female driver. I was doing tree work at the time, and my buddy and I pulled into one of the old roadside stores at Guilford College and Jamestown Roads while that area was still countryside. Parked in the lot was a sedan with a smashed-in hood. The young lady (and her friend) were waiting by the car when her father pulls up. He was obviouusly and busy, hard-working guy. He had his phone with him, only this was the old early-90s hamhock that eveyone carried around.

He stood there and listened intently, then let his daughter have it. I couldn't make out exactly what he said. But whatever it was, he made her cry.


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