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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is it me, or does the N&R's new Web site take forever to load?

At any rate, Cindy Sheehan dominates today's N&R, with a story on local protesters supporting her cause, a lead editorial urging President Bush to meet with her and a letter to the editor from Tony Moschetti compalining that the media is not telling the whole story on this very complicated matter.

The matter is complicated because, as Cone says, Ms. Sheehan is both a grieving individual and a symbol, and merging the two is what complicates things. Still, people have an overall simplistic view of the matter.

For example, the N&R urges President Bush to honor Ms. Sheehan's requst to meet with her. A couple of weeks ago, that might not have been an unreasonable request, regardess of the fact that the two have already met. But if the N&R thinks the president will meet with Ms. Sheehan now that is involved, then they have another thought coming.

Then there's Melinda Ivey, who according to the article, "had thought about what it would be like to have a son or daughter fighting in the war. The notion gave her grim determination.

"'They'd have to come right through my dead body to get my child,' she said."

But one day it might not be Ms. Ivey's decision whether or not her daughter fights in a war. Her daughter will grow up to become a woman and might decide to join the volunteer army, as did Ms. Sheehan's late son. And when you join, you go where they say, right or wrong. Or daughter might join out of a belief in a cause that so many other military men and women believe in.

And if nobody volunteered for the Army? Then it might be wise to have a gun in your closet when the enemy comes calling.


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