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Sunday, August 21, 2005

My first trip to First Horizon Park last night. Decent crowd, though not overflowing. Perhaps the earlier afternoon thunderstorms kept people away. Our fair city does have a nice skyline, with a little bit of everything mixed in.

I was keeping an eye out for the availability of water, since the stadium won't allow you to bring it in. I was pleased to see an abundance was water fountains at every restroom. I guess you ask for a cup at the Grandstand and fill up. Or you could rinse out your beer cup. But I wasn't drinking water, anyway.

Then it was off to Cafe Europa for more drinks. While talking, I realized what a challenge I faced because the majority of my company was blue and were not afraid of voicing their opinions on certain matters. How could could I state my views without engaging in a full-scale debate?

Two of my neighbors said they were patriotic for about two hours after 9/11 before seeing the footage of members of Congress singing 'God Bless America'. Somehow that scene made them cynical all over again.

How to respond to that? I simply shared how my views were shaped after 9/11. I was sitting on the couch with my kind, sweet, lovely wife, watching 9/11 coverage, when, once again, the infamous photo of Mohamed Atta appeared on the screen. My kind, sweet, lovely wife got off the couch, gave him the finger and shouted "Fuck you!"

Since that moment, I've been a strong supporter of the war on terror. And I'm not cynical at all.


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