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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

...I've got high-speed cable running to my computer, and still it takes forever for the N&R web site to load. Sure don't have that much time.

At any rate, N&R editor Doug Clark is shamed again for his (still loading) column on his former boss, the late High Point Enterprise publisher Randall Terry.

Clark's column "is the most pathetic excuse for journalism I have ever read," writes Sherri Staton of Archdale. ".....Terry is not here to defend himself or explain his actions or comments. I felt I was reading the nasty sound of bitter revenge."

Funny, I've felt the same way reading editorials about President Bush lately. At any rate, both letters to the editor chastizing Clark have swayed my opinion. Between Clark and Ogi Overman, Terry handed out 29 years' worth of paychecks, not an insignificant transfer of funds. But hey, money talks, bullshit editorializes.

All which brings me to another thought. I have a liberal friend who recently got a freelance editing job with Greensboro-based Pace Communications. She's relatively new in town, and I'm not sure if she's knows about Pace's charismatic CEO Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, a key Bush fundraiser who, needless to say, is in an interesting position right now.

I'll bring up Bonnie's political activity only if it comes up. If it does, I have a feeling my friend won't resign her position in protest. she, like most writers, needs the money


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