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Monday, September 12, 2005

.....Army parachutist injured during stadium jump before the Washington State-Nevada game:

"Chief Warrant Officer Dave Larson of Hurst, Texas, broke a hip and an arm.........Larson had made more than 2,000 jumps in his career......He was coming in fast, then pulled up slowly near the top of the stands before the wind appeared to drop out of the parachute and he fell about 60 feet and landed on his side. Paramedics attended to him on the field for about 10 minutes before he was taken to Washoe Medical Center in Reno."

I had a similar experience over the weekend-— sort of. Parachuting? Of course not. Mountain biking out at Owl's Roost, a place where I've ridden many times. Conditions were dry, which make for an excellent ride. I was coming down a hiil at a high rate of speed when I hit a loose patch and went down. Hard.

Of course, I've busted before at Owl's Roost, and on the way down I was telling myself it was just another crash. But I was shocked at the force with which I hit the dirt. The dry conditions also made that section of the trail as hard as concrete.

I scraped my hip, elbow and knee up pretty bad. But what could I do? I sucked it up and finished the ride.

It just goes to never know.


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