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Sunday, September 18, 2005

.....Medved had as his Friday afternoon guest Dr. Ben Marble, the guy who told Vice President Cheney to go f*** himself during hids visit to the hurricane-stricken Gulf Coast.

This article portrays Dr. Marble as a hero. But quite frankly, he was extremely arrogant and practically incomprehensible during the Medved interview. When Medved and his callers would respectfully challenge his views, he ponied up the standard liberal responses, lowered to a 10 year-old's level. Finally, he did the really mature thing and started chanting "Baa-baa Bush" before hanging up in the middle of the interview.

The interview brought back interesting memories for me. I admit I was a Clinton-hater in the mid-90s, and I said a few things about our president (and the first lady) that I don't brag about today. As a sign that my conscience was bothering me, I had several dreams during that time I was meeting both Mr. and Mrs. Clinton in person. Did I say the same things to their faces that I said behind their backs? Of course not. Today, I try to repectfully address both President Clinton and Sen. Clinton even as she makes her run toward the White House in 2008. (And don't think that's not going to happen.)

I guess some might credit Dr. Marble for having the "courage" to say the same thing to Vice President Cheney's face that I'm sure he says about him behind his back. But he is the vice president, and is he not owed a mimimal amount of respect in public?


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