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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

.....From Jay Greene's book Education Myths:

"We care much more about our children than roads and buildings, so how could education policy be governed by the same process of competition among organized interests that governs the construction of highways or the zoning of land? Rather than face this uncomfortable reality, most people are inclined to view the actors in education policy debates as wise, disinterested experts even when they are interested parties. This allows them to believe that education policymaking is really a discussion among professional experts rather than a political struggle among organized interest groups."

In other words, God forbid that the school board should become politicized. I spoke with a school member last year and asked him about giving the school board taxing authority, which has been part of the Guilford County Board of Education's legislative agenda. The board member said he opposed it because it would politicize the board.

But I think politicizing the school board would really open up debate on education policy by granting access to individuals who question the mindset that spending money means better schools. School board candidates would run as Democrats or Republicans, because I think a person's political beliefs are the true indicator of what he or she would stand for when helping formulate education policy. Superintendent should definitely be a partisan, elected position. If the majority of parents don't want Terry Grier outta here, then let their voices be heard in a public referendum.

I realize last year's school board elections were very politicized. But taking out funny ads and hanging people in effigy on Halloween isn't the way go about it, though.


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