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Friday, November 11, 2005

......Yesterday's lead N&R editorial made some interesting points about school superintendent Terry Grier's relationship with the Board of Education:

"....An ongoing challenge is the controversial High Point choice plan, which Grier did not conceive but for which he has taken the brunt of the blame.

"In the face of blistering public opposition, the school board seems likely to abandon the plan without ever fully implementing it. The board also seems strangely unwilling to take ownership of the plan, which it directed Grier to enforce — while letting Grier bear most of the criticism.

"That's too bad, and the politics of the plan (which should be the board's bailiwick anyway) probably have distracted the the superintendent from other pressing needs that affect the whole district.

"As for his new bonus plan, done correctly, it could help make Grier more accountable to his bosses. But how to make his bosses more accountable?"

It's called an election, and it happens every two years. To their credit, Guilford County residents did their best to make last year's election one of accountability. They came up short and again, some of their tactics may have made the difference. Perhaps in 2006 members who are up for reelection will be held accountable for their actions, or lack thereof, in a more substantive manner.

As for superintendent Grier, if he's going to be distracted by politics anyway, then he should be really distracted. Make his position an elected office. It would not only hold him more directly accountable to his constituents but make him less likely to accept the brunt of the blame for plans he did not conceive but are forced to implement.


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