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Sunday, November 13, 2005

.....The N&R's Allen Johnson wonders if the Klan-Nazi shootings "deserve at least a nook or a cranny in the city-funded Historical Museum."

Johnson posed the question to Fred Goss (wasn't that the name of the slovenly dry cleaner on "The Andy Griffith Show?), the museum's director. Goss told Johnson there were "a lot of stories in Greensboro's history that we're not telling. It's definitely one of the things we're looking at."

Somehow I think Johnson believes the events of Nov. 3, 1979 deserve more than a nook and a cranny in the museum. But since he took the time to talk to Goss, let's look at it from a curator's point of view. Exactly how would one curate such an event? What types of artifacts can be dug up from that time in our city's, and our nation's, history? I personally think it would be fascinating to see just how close our country was to a tipping point until we wisely changed leaders exactly one year later.

The obvious focus of a proposed exhibit would be the news footage of the shootings. A small television monitor could be set up in the nook or cranny whereupon visitors could see the shootings in live action over and over again and determine for themselves who was at fault. I assume the footage is readily available; the only question would be the technicalities and expense of such a set-up.

Of course, the survivors of the shootings are the other obvious source of historical items. Perhaps they have saved such items either in memory of the deceased, in memory of the movement or as evidence to be presented in search of truth and reconciliation. But would those survivors donate such items to the city they believe conspired against them? Would the city accept such items?


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