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Monday, November 14, 2005

....In the majority opinion in today's Supreme Court special ed ruling, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor decuded that the parents have just as much power as school districts:

"Justice O'Connor rejected the argument that a school district ought to bear the burden of proof more or less automatically because they have more resources than individual parents. The act in question, she said, gives parents plenty of power in disputes over individualized education programs."

Justice O'Connor wrote:

"'They are not left to challenge the government without a realistic opportunity to access the necessary evidence, or without an expert with the firepower to match the opposition."

Maybe I missed this, but I discovered via this Reason post that the superintendent of Montgomery County Schools, the district involved in the case, is former Guilford County superintendent Jerry Weast.


On the other hand, if the parents had vouchers they could use them to select schools whose programs they believe are adequate to their children's needs. Vouchers transform parents and children into customers who can shop around. It is a simple universal truth that people are treated better as customers than they are as supplicants."

Florida and Ohio have voucher programs for students with special education needs, respectively receiving grades of good and fair from The Friedman Foundation.


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