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Sunday, November 27, 2005

.........Via this morning's N&R, Peter Brown weighs in on the Medicare drug benefit:

"The government has just begun the largest expansion ever of a federal program to help Americans, and all anyone can do is complain that it's not perfect.

"The notion that it's just too complicated for seniors to figure out is horse hockey. These are many of the same people who conquered hunger during the Great Depression and Hitler's era."

I was growing tired of the media's victimization of our nation's senior citizens. No, the program is not perfect, and I understand the hassles of implementing it, especially for seniors who are dependent on others for their day-to-day care.

Still, you've got Bush-haters like Krugman calling for a national healthcare system. I wonder just how simple he thinks such system would be?

You've also got to consider Michael Barone's view in Friday's Wall Street Journal. Barone pretty much lays General Motors' problems on union demands:

"The attempt to protect workers from all risk has been very risky indeed, since in a dynamic economy large corporations are subject to competition from firms with lower costs. In the auto industry the the result is significant pain for those who relied on the Big Three and the UAW; but the result has been a vastly faster growing economy and many more opportunities than provided by the European welfare states.

"The attempt, made when the economy seemed static, to promise security and leisure and restrained good taste, has failed."

Note: Krugman courtesy of Cone's Dark Times.


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