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Saturday, November 12, 2005

.....Still on the subject of salary: UNC chancellors receive pay hikes...

"The raises, approved Friday by the UNC Board of Governors, were made possible by a special appropriation of $334,147 by the legislature over the summer, added to the 2 percent salary increases for state employees."

The raises ranged from $15,334 for T.J. Bryan at Fayetteville State to $35,1000 for James Moeser at UNC-Chapel Hill and Jim Oblinger at N.C. State. Patricia Sullivan, UNCG chancellor, received a 15 percent raise to increase her salary to $261,334.

"The chancellors raises are likely to be politically sensitive on campus, where state employees received 2 percent raises this year.

"One chancellor, Rosemary DePaolo of UNC--Wilmington, immediately donated most of her raise — $14,663 — to two student scholarship funds, one of which provides financial aid to staff members or their family."

This is interesting:

"UNC President Molly Broad, who will retire at the end of next month, got a 6 percent raise, bringing her salary to $331,254. Broad will make that amount when she takes a paid research leave next year before she returns to a faculty job at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she will earn 60 percent of her presidential salary."

Must be nice.


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