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Thursday, November 17, 2005

......Washington Times: Withdraw the Libby indictment:

"Bob Woodward's just-released statement, suggesting that on June 27, 2003, he may have been the reporter who told Scooter Libby about Joseph Wilson's wife, blew a gigantic hole in Patrick Fitzgerald's recently unveiled indictment of the vice president's former chief of staff......

"...Given Mr. Woodward's account, which came to light after the Libby indictment was announced, that he met with Mr. Libby in his office — armed with the list of questions, which explicitly reference 'yellowcake' and 'Joe Wilson's wife' and may have shared this information during the interview — it is entirely possible that Mr. Libby may have indeed heard about Mrs. Plame's employment from a reporter. Given the fact that the conversations in issue — the one with Tim Russert and the one with Bob Woodward — were separated by less than two weeks, and that officials like Mr. Libby juggle literally hundreds of matters on a daily basis, it is entirely plausible that he confused the two reporters."

I heard an excerpt from an old interview with Woodward on NPR while driving around yesterday. It further shed light on why Woodward held onto this information: he just didn't think it was that big a deal.


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