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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

...It's also interesting that the editorialists at the N&R harsh on the entire board for lack of conviction regarding the High Point plan when the analysis in its own story shows the whole issue rested on two swing votes: those of board member Kris Cooke and chairman Alan Duncan.

In fairness, Cooke mentioned re-visitng the plan during her intense reelection campaign last year. But while she definitely felt the political heat, she made no promises.

When the N&R asked Duncan about his vote, he could only muster the Clinton-era "our children" line. But wasn't he doing the best thing for "our children" when he helped formulate the plan two years ago?

Duncan's vote should be of concern to his constituents, who, along with other concerned citizens, may see this as a total lack of leadership. They may emphatically say so next November.


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