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Monday, December 19, 2005

....My buddy Glenn e-mailed me this N&O article on N.C State legend Roman Gabriel. Watching Gabriel play for the then-L.A. Rams, wearing the old -one-bar helmet with no chin strap is one of my earliest memories watching pro football.

Glenn and I wondered what happened to Gabriel when he stopped doing color commentary for the Panthers. He's had health issues: a stroke in 2002 and congestive heart failure in 2004, a condition that's being remedied with drugs.

The article also talks about Gabriel's estrangement from N.C. State, which ended when he attended the 2003 State-Carolina game. Gabriel's "state of discontent" had a lot to do with his tenure as coach of the Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks.

Gabriel "blames part of the team's financial problems on former NCSU athletics director Todd Turner, noting the protracted, at times contentious negotiations" over the Skyhawks' ise of Carter-Finley Stadium.

But it may have started when Gabriel didn't get the Wolfpack coachng job — in 1970.

Gabriel said "his former coach, Earle Edwards, planned to retire after the 1970 season and recommend him as his successor. Gabriel, in turn, would give up pro football."


"Willis Casey never gave me the opportunity....I never got an interview."

State fans can only wonder....


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