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Monday, December 26, 2005

....Turn out the lights, the party's over........MNF swan song

Michael Maccambridge in The Hollywood Reporter:

"ABC showed the game in a much more intimate manner. It wasn't just close-ups, and it just wasn't slow motion. It was a sense that this game is an event, and it (was) worth caring about. And if we care about it as a game, we can also care about it as a drama....Even if you weren't a sports fan, there were things on 'Monday Night Football' that you could care about."

Joe Theisman:

"Monday night is your night to shine. Your peers are watching, you know the is. Careers have been made and not made on Monday night television."

And ended, as Theisman's was 20 years ago when Lawrence Taylor snapped his leg.


"It's probably one of the most unbelievable thngs to ever happen on Monday night, and it's one that most people remember. I've never seen the shot. I've chosen not to look at them, and I haven't changed my mind."

Theisman changes his mind:

"It snapped like a breadstick. It sounded like two muzzled gunshots off my left shoulder. Pow, pow!"


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