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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

....O'Reilly and Letterman get into it on Late Night. Letterman held his own, I thought, until he said he thought 60 percent of what O'Reilly said was total crap, after which he admitted he never watched the show.

I'm either an optimist or totally naive, but I never had Letterman pegged as a liberal. To my knowledge (and someone correct me if I'm wrong), Letterman has never spoken out politically in a serious manner. I had my suspicions, mind you, but then he would around and tell a joke where the punch line is Donald Rumsfeld stripping Al Gore naked and walking him around on a leash. Liberals take that torture stuff pretty seriously, you know.

I think Letterman felt like he had to take on O'Reilly on lose stock with the mainstream media for doing a soft interview. But what is mainstream media stock to him?


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