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Sunday, January 29, 2006

.....NYT discusses Kobe vs. Wilt:

"The resounding response from current and former players, coaches and executives is that each achievement deserves praise on its own merit."

But here's an interesting view:

"Less intimidating defenses in the 1960's may have allowed players to take more shots and score more points, said Rod Thorn, the president of the Nets, who played in the NBA from 1963 to 1971."

I guess Thorn knows more about it than I do. But someone tell me which NBA team plays any sort of defense, intimidating or otherwise? The reason why fans get so irritated at the low score of NBA games these days is because guys can't make a shot even when they're not being defended.

While providing color commentary for a recent NBA game, Bill Walton predicted Kobe would score 100 someday. The play-by-play guy said that was a bold prediction. I don't thnk so. The Lakers should just let Kobe take every shot. He's more than willing to do it.


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