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Monday, January 30, 2006

.....Two views of urban sprawl in California.............from San Francisco:

"New single-family oriented suburban communities can be developed intelligently, with green space around them and a small, denser core for residents who will want that style of living.....Such suburban villages have begun to emerge throught the Bay Area from Santa Clara to Pleasanton and Dublin...Such a course — the adoption of an enlightened new suburbanism — could help restore the Bay Area's lost luster as a region of opportunity for the next generation. Such a development may not fill the notions of nostalgic city boosters or environmental fundamentalists, but could help the Bay Area adjust to the realities of our increasingly suburbanized age......"

........and Los Angeles:

"Most of what people think they know about Southern California and simply not the case. Traffic congestion plagues the region in large measure because California has failed to invest in adequate highway capacity. And far from allowing uncontrolled development to thin out the settlement pattern L.A. has actually seen densities increase over time."


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