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Saturday, February 11, 2006

.....Interesting perspective on the career of Bob Costas, our blue-contact-wearing, cissified, tidbit-Ping-Pong-playing-with-Katie Couric emcee during NBC's Winter Olympics coverage....

Hard to believe that Costas was once the reigning smart-aleck of television sports:

"When Costas began as host of 'NFL Live' in 1984, he joined a dreary TV universe, with former athletes like Irv Cross striving for multisyllabic profundity. Still in his early 30's, Costas brought the smart-aleck panache to the proceedings; he was known in the sports pages as 'the irreverent Bob Costas.' Since then, ESPN and Fox have made sportscasting a more rambunctious art form, and nowadays no one would accuse TV sports of being colorless — just the opposite. In this world of shrieking heads, Costas finds himself as one of the few adults in the room."

Costas was also an excellent baseball announcer, in my opinion, although in later years he took on a Vin Scully-type persona. I guess it's not his fault that NBC has decided to take a pass on covering major sports in recent years.


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