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Friday, February 17, 2006

.....Guilford County's finest orator, commissioner Steve Arnold, evoked the memory of the late Mrs. King when speaking out against economic incentives for RF Micro:

"I agree with one of my colleagues who said these folks ought to be ashamed to be here making this request. A company of their size, their background, with their capitalization, with their history, is not going to make a decision as the kind they're contemplating based on the size incentive we're offering.

"At the beginning of our meeting tonight, we had a resolution honoring the life and memory of Mrs. King. I think it's fair to say that if she stood more for anything else in her life, it was equal justice under the law. Corporate welfare or economic incentives, whatever you want to call them, whatever else they may be, are not equal justice under the law. You cannot tax the entire citizen base and give some of the proceeds of that tax revenue to a private corporation and call it equal justice. No way."


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