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Thursday, February 23, 2006

...Sen. Hilary Rodham Clinton is quoted only as saying the administration's review "appears to be cursory at best" and "port security is too important to be treated this cavalierly" during hearings over the Dubai deal.

But I watched part of the hearings on CSPAN, and she grilled Robert Kimmett and Michael Jackson pretty hard. It was a bit Katie Couric, though, because Sen. Clinton's line of questionning involved reading the officials quotes from other experts and asking them to respond.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Conoleeza Rice said the administration's vetting procedure

"is supposed to be a process that raises concerns if they are there but does not presume that a country in the Middle East should not be capable of doing this."

Again, I'm having trouble imagining why this was so far under the microscope as it made its way through the federal bureaucracy. It was there for the whole world to see, Kimmit tried to explain, so the reason why the 45-day review wasn't done was because everyone signed off on it.

I'm wondering what the implications would be of a port system tied up in legislation.


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