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Friday, February 24, 2006

Remember Len Bias, says the The Washington Times' Deborah Simmons:

"Len died at his own hands, from cocaine intoxication. His untimely death 20 years left a mark on the Terrapins, college and professional basketball, Coaches Left Driesell, Bob Wade and Gary Williams and the ACC — as sports reporters ans commentators will remind you the coming weeks and months.....

"I told myself, not long after Len had gone on to glory, that I would wait to see if Maryland would reconcile itself with Len's death. It hasn't."

When I heard of Bias' death, I was in, ironically enough, Chapel Hill, the site of his career performance against Carolina: 35 points in a 75-72 overtime victory over the top-ranked Tar Heels.

I was in the Performance bike shop when I overheard the guys behind the counter talking about Bias.

"What, did he do too much coke?" one guy said.

Curious, I asked what they were talking about.

"You didn't hear about Bias? He's dead," he replied.

Pretty shocking.


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