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Saturday, March 04, 2006

......Guilford County commissioners are getting impatient with the constant money--shuffling by the school board, to the detriment of the Jamestown Middle School project.

This time, school system CFO Sharon Ozment came before the commissioners asking that $2.8 million in state money be directed toward the purchase of the former Oakwood Homes headquarters so the system can set up up a mini-magnet school for about 300 students at Smith High School.

Interestingly enough, Ozment cited the influence of Wake Superior Court Judge Howard Manning (who made an interesting announcement yesterday) as the main reason to make this move.

But the issue that upset commissioners most was the "project ordinance revision" that wouls shift $294,000 away from the Jamestown project back into the system's capital outlay fund. The Jamestown project now has less than half of the $29 million earmarked for the project, and school officials admit there's no way it can be completed with the available bond money.

Paul Gibson asked this question:

"If we don't do this, will it in any way speed up the project at Jamestown?"

"No sir," Ozment replied.

So the school system is going to need another bond to complete the Jamestown project. But how does the board think another referendum can pass considering they way it's handled the $300 million bond that passed in 2003?

Billy Yow:

"The school board sold the Jamestown community this project. They need to do what they say they're going to do. They owe it to them."

Linda Shaw:

"If we continue to do this, I'm afraid we're not going to get another bond passed."

The commissioners ended up voting to table the issue until the school system could provide some more answers about the move, particularly Manning's influence over the project at Smith. Some are curious about Manning's influence over the state's public education system, period.


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