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Monday, March 06, 2006

....One week after her tribute to Don Knotts, the Times' Virginia Heffernan relieves my guilt for spending so much time in front of TVLand's tribute to Barney Fife:

"Television, after all is the art form reviewed in this newspaper that is also regarded as a public health hazard......Study after anti-television study has failed to pinpoint the exact perils that viewers are prone to, and yet the idea that television is dangerous persists as an article of faith."

True. People seem so proud of themselves when they say "I don't watch television" or "I don't have time to watch television." But I maintain it's an art form like any art form. There's good and there's bad. And to enjoy any art form, whether it's a movie or a photograph or a TV program, do you not have to totally subject yourself to the artist's vision?

Enjoy life. Watch TV.


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