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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

....I went and checked out Oliver North's speech to the Boy Scouts this morning. Only problem was there wasn't a Boy Scout in sight. Just a lot of white guys in suits.

North's speech had two themes: the capability of our military and the assault on the Boy Scouts from the left.

"The young people who serve in our armed forces are the brightest, best-led and thoroughly-trained of any military force of any country in history."

North shared a most interesting story from his travels in Iraq. He showed a photo of a Navy corpsman carrying an injured individual away from a helicopter downed during a gunfight. But North said look closely at the picture: the injured individual was not a U.S. soldier but a member of the Iraqi Republican guard.

Here's the interesting part, according to North. A news crew was there on the scene and yelled to the corpsman, "Didn't you notice he was an Iraqi?"

"Didn't you notice he was wounded?" the corpsman replied.

On the challenges the Boy Scouts face:

"The Boy Scouts are in the crosshairs of a well-funded legal battle here in the United States......Apparently, the patriotism of the Boy Scouts offends many Americans."


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