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Monday, March 20, 2006

......Boyd surrenders:

"The war was a mistake. If you'd have told anyone rational before the war that three years after, we'd found no significant WMD, the country would be split along sectarian lines and on the verge of major civil war and that the Iraqi army and police are unable to secure the country, then no one would have signed on."

Talking about prewar predictions.......

"In launching a war against Iraq now, the United States may precipitate the very threat that we are intent on preventing--weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists. If Saddam's regime and his very survival are threatened, then his view of his interests may be profoundly altered: He may decide he has nothing to lose by using weapons of mass destruction himself or by sharing them with terrorists. . . . Saddam may well hide his most lethal weapons in mosques, schools and hospitals. If our forces attempt to strike such targets, untold numbers of Iraqi civilians could be killed."--Ted Kennedy, Sept. 27, 2002

.....from "someone rational."


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