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Monday, March 20, 2006

.........NPR and hamburger....Do you really want to see them being made?

"The last two years, however, have been a very different story. NPR has created nearly 70 jobs in its newsroom many of them for reporters on newly created positions like police and prisons, labor, international economics, the environment, technology and the media. and all this as other news organizations have been paring their staffs and scaling back their ambitions as consumers and advertisers drift away.....

"One listener in particular is responsible for the new mood: Joan B. Kroc, the widow of Ray A. Kroc, the man who built the McDonald's chain. Just before her death in 2003, she arranged to leave NPR a gift of about $230 million. That was bigger than anything NPR could have imagined...."

NPR reporter Frank Langfitt puts the ketchup on the french fries:

"Without McDonald's, I wouldn't have a job."


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