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Monday, March 27, 2006

.....What kind of nut is against libraries?

What kind of nut is against Sesame Street? The same kind of nut who thinks it's a bad idea to park your kid in front of the TV so you can get some shit done.

Susan Linn, Harvard psychologist and founder of
Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
, weighs in on Sesame Street's new DVD release:

"Essentially it is a betrayal of babies and families. There is no evidence that media is beneficial for babies, and they are starting to find evidence that it may be harmful. Until we know for sure, we shouldn't risk putting them in front of the television."

Dimitri Christakis, director of the Child Health Institute at the University of Washington in Seattle:

"Kids (under 2) are only awake 12 hours a day, so we have a generation of children who are watching television 10 to 20 percent of their waking lives — and that a dramatic increase."

If you ask me, two hours of television and 10 hours of just being a kid doesn't sound like a bad ratio to me.

OK, two hours might be a bit much. But I did rely on the Baby Einstein products, which raked in $200 million in 2005. The videos run about 25 minutes and expose kids to classical music, colors, shapes and animals.

At the end, Julie Clark, the founder of Baby Einstein, narrates an informational segment.

"Watch the video with your children. Clap hands, play musical instruments, sing, have fun."

Yeah, right.


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