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Thursday, March 30, 2006

....Ok, so part of my very busy day yesterday involved afternoon beers at Fisher's. But that was only to relieve the post-traumatic stress of a harrowing incident in the parking lot of the Friendly Center Harris Teeter.

I'm loading both kids into the car when the shopping cart got away from me and slammed into the car sitting two spaces away. It was a plastic shopping cart, and only had two bags of groceries and a twelve pack of beer in it, so it wasn't that heavy. I checked the car, didn't see any damage, and went about my business.

I look up and standing behind me is this perky blond lady, probably in her late 40s.

"Are you going to leave note?" she asked.

"I didn't see any damage," I replied.

"Oh yeah, there's damage," she said. "Look at it from this angle."

I still didn't see any damage and let her know I was moving on.

OK, so it's not even her car........

"Do you want me to call the people right now? I will," she said, and whipped out her cell phone.

"Go ahead," I said.

She didn't dial. Instead, she whipped out a pen and started writing my tag number on her hand.

"You will leave a note, and I'm going to stand here until you do," she said.

"Who the hell are you, the police?" I asked.

I knew the next line:

"You're setting a fine example for your children."

"That's not for you to judge, lady."

I got in the car and drove off.

I can almost understand this woman questionning my morality if she perceived (however wrongly) that I was doing something wrong. But what was with the intimidation?


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