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Saturday, April 01, 2006

....Reason's Cathy Young follows up on this N.Y. Times article about the rights of unwed fathers.


"You would think that, unlike men who seek to avoid their paternal responsibilities, fathers who want to be responsible for raising their own children would at least encounter societal sympathy and support. Sadly, that has not generally been the case....In recent decades, thanks to both technology and social change, we have made strides to alleviate the inequality for women, helping them avoid unwanted childbearing. But we have lagged far behind in equalizing the situation for men. We cannot ask men to be equal parents while giving virtually all the power in reproductive decisions to women."

Biological fathers indeed have rights. But the unanswered issue is how single fathers can provide a more stable home than single mothers. My guess is they can't, which is why adoption into two-parent families is the most reasonable solution.

If the states want to set up registries on their own, that's fine. But a federal registry that ultimately would discourage adoption is a bad idea.


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