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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

.......HOT charette begins.

What the hell's a charette?

Professor Debbage explains:

A charette is "an intensive, collaborative design workshop...Charettes have mostly been used by architects to develop design specifications for a single building. In recent years, regional planners have used charettes to gain public support for contentious and substantive planning projects."

A major challenge:

...."developing zoning policies that preserve large land holdings for FedEx-related development (such as warehousing and distribution facilities) while encouraging high-density, mixed-use, transit-friendly residential development. Such development is going to be considered because the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation is the agency that received the matching grant for the HOT study and that type of development is something it would be interested in promoting especially if the HOT study recommends the development of light rail."

So what are the chances the HOT study won't recommend the development of light rail? I'd say slim and none.


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