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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

....The way I read it, the N&R is cautiously optimistic about HOT:

"Will everyone be pleased with the outcome? Probably not.
But the process thus far appears transparent and collaborative, and it will need to remain so to stay viable and credible .

"An open Heart is a healthier Heart."

If they say so.

Seriously, if growth and development is indeed going cross borders, it's a good idea for all government entities to be on the same page. Last year, Guilford and Alamance counties had a real problem communicating about building permits for a couple of houses built on the county line.

Development in HOT could get quite complicated:

"In addition, all four of the plans presented last week were thoughtful and forward-thinking. Each envisions a mixed-use concept that preserves wetlands as well as open spaces for parks, recreation and farming. And each is primarily self-contained, with 'town centers,' employment centers, shopping, entertainment and high-density housing close enough to one another that nearly half of the car commutes by residents and workers would remain within the Heart of the Triad."

But is this not a classic example of urban sprawl? The kind that will cause our children to die before we do? Is this not what Adams Farm and The Cardinal (out by the airport) are right now, minus business?

I realize that the planning behind HOT will help avoid some of the uglier aspects of urban sprawl. There will be more green space and parks, more sidewalks, and the kids probably won't be as fat. The intent is also to avoid the I-40-RTP hassle with shorter car commutes.

But it's still drawing people further from the center city limits and providing little incentive to head downtown. That looks like urban sprawl to me.


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